Stephen Euin Cobb 

…was a Guest Author at

ConCarolinas 2003





Got Armor?Buying a dagger

Stephen knows a real Klingon when he sees one



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Stephen with a rocket builder





Klingon secret meeting





The dealer rooms were well stocked








The Writer’s Workshop


Stephen participated on most of the author panels.



Here Stephen is critiquing the work of

aspiring authors in the audience

along with moderator Fred Grimm and

David Weber (author of the Honor Harrington series).


David was ConCarolinas’ “Guest of Honor.”









One of Stephen’s greatest pleasures

was relaxing with his fellow authors.



Though the writers were at various stages in their careers

there was no snobbery or aloofness.

Warmth and friendliness was universal and

everyone seemed eager to share their knowledge with others.


Stephen had as much fun sharing what he had already learned

as he did picking the brains of those farther along.




Counterclockwise, starting with the young man at lower right, they are:

Patrick A. Vanner (aspiring writer)

Scott Nicholson  (author of horror novel “The Red Church”)

Karen E. Taylor (author of the “Vampire Legacy” series)

Bill Mann (chair of StellarCon’s con com)

D.G.K. Goldberg (author of “Skating on the Edge” & “Doomed To Repeat It”)

Stephen Euin Cobb (author of SF novel “Plague at Redhook”)

Laura Fowler (publishers are now considering her first manuscript)

Mary M. Buckner (author of SF novel “HYPERTHOUGHT”)



Links to author sites are at the bottom of this page.









The Autograph Session.


Seven “Guest Authors” all signing their books at one long table.

What more could a fan ask?




Andy Duncan & Stephen Euin Cobb (dueling signers)




Stephen analyzing Cindy Tallent’s handwriting




David Weber’s end of the table




A close-up on Stephen signing his novel




D.G.K. Goldberg, Scott Nicholson and Karen E. Taylor




Mary M. Buckner penning a few lines so Stephen can analyze her handwriting








The autograph session went especially well.



Stephen enjoys analyzing people’s handwriting

almost as much as the fans enjoy having it done.


The autograph session was only scheduled to last one hour,

but unwilling to turn fans away, Stephen commandeered

an unused table in the dealer room and signed the rest of his books.




Stephen analyzing Tracy Kremer’s handwriting










“Meet the Writers”



This panel was held just before the autograph session

and gave each writer a chance to introduce their body of work.



(Left to right: D.G.K. Goldberg, Scott Nicholson, Stephen Euin Cobb,

Mary M. Buckner, the moderator, David Weber, Karen E. Taylor)




Stephen describes the SF universe in his novels.




Stephen describes his characters.




David Weber asks Stephen a question.




Stephen had them laughing at this point.










Writer’s Panel:

“Frequently Asked Questions at Signings”



David Weber had the most and best stories for this panel.

At times he had the whole room laughing.



(Andy Duncan, Scott Nicholson, Karen E. Taylor, Moderator Fred Grimm,

Mary M. Buckner, David Weber, Stephen Euin Cobb )










“Mythology in Star Wars”


A discussion of Joseph Campbell’s assertion that

Star Wars was based upon mythological storylines and archetypes.




 (Stephen Euin Cobb, Mary M. Buckner, a vastly knowledgeable fan and Cindy Tallent)








One last picture before it was all over.




(Stephen Euin Cobb and Scott Nicholson)









Links to Author Sites:




Mary M. Buckner (author of SF novel “HYPERTHOUGHT”)


Scott Nicholson  (author of horror novel “The Red Church”)


Karen E. Taylor (author of the “Vampire Legacy” series)


D.G.K. Goldberg (author of “Skating on the Edge” & “Doomed To Repeat It”)


Andy Duncan (World Fantasy Award-winning collection, “Beluthahatchie and Other Stories”)


David Weber (author of the “Honor Harrington” series, and many other novels)


Larry Niven (Ok, Ok, he wasn’t at this con.  But hey, he’s Stephen’s hero.)









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