Stephen Euin Cobb 

was a Guest Author at

ConCarolinas  2005



Darth Maul (small)


Darth Maul won the costume contest.


A cool costume with even cooler makeup.

The audience cheered wildly.






That rambunctious crew

from the web radio show “Requiem of the Outcast”

taped a portion of their show in front of a live audience at ConCarolinas.


Here they are dancing to the musical stylings of their guest “The Great Luke Ski.”


(Left to right)

Rich Sigfrit

Ron & Janine

The Great Luke Ski


[Requiem of the Outcast Website]


[Luke Ski’s website]





Stephen with Greg Keyes


Stephen Euin Cobb had a chance to talk with Greg Keyes:

a bestselling author and

ConCarolinas’ Writer Guest of Honor.


[Greg Keyes’ website]







A lovely elf smiling in the audience.





Stephen with David Weber


Stephen also spent some time with David Weber:

another bestselling author

and one of ConCarolinas’ former Writer Guests of Honor.


[David Weber’s new website]





Maul Makeup


Becoming Darth Maul


Can this sith apprentice sense his coming victory?





Derrick and daughter


Derrick and Eileen:

Fans and costumers.








ConCarolinas’ Master of Ceremonies:

Brian Holloway.


Brian enjoys getting into the spirit of the con

by MC’ing in one of his many cool costumes.






Stephen with Klingon Commander


Stephen with his favorite Klingon:


Commander Keela sutai-Septaric

CO, Dark Star Quadrant

Dark Moon Fleet

Imperial Navy

Klingon Assault Group


[Dark Moon Fleet website]




Gift Cat


Stephen Euin Cobb being awarded

a gift for kindnesses rendered to Klingons in general

and to those of the Dark Moon Fleet in particular.


(The gift is a cat, hand-painted on a smooth black rock)

(The painter and presenter is Commander Keela sutai-Septaric


“May Honor guide your words and deeds!

May Glory follow close behind!


Qapla' !”





Angel and Derrick


Angel and Derrick Poe:

costumers manifesting the past and the future


(Angel’s bikini armor,

necklace and headpiece

are all handmade chain-mail)





David Weber


Stephen Euin Cobb and David Weber sharing a panel





Unsung Heros


Two of the many unsung heroes of the Con


Cynthia Moreno and her beloved Larry

Rulers of the ConSuite

It was by their labors that we did feast.





Boba Fett with Stephen


Stephen laughing in the face of danger





Romulan and mom


A little Romulan with her mommy.





Two Vaders


Look closely!

Two Vaders guard this Jedi.


The little Vader is the girl formerly dressed as the Little Romulan.

Here she is flanked by

Janine (Big Vader) and Ron (Jedi)


(Janine wanted the picture re-shot, insisting that she blinked.)





Signing books



Stephen Euin Cobb signing books alongside

Julianne Goodman (Author of historical fantasies)

and David “Davey” Beauchamp (author of the Agency 32 series)


[Julianne Goodman’s website]


[Davey Beauchamp’s website]







Eileen in a different costume







Phyllis George meets her first Stormtrooper


Like Peggy (Stephen’s loyal assistant/photographer),

Phyllis is one of Stephen’s three little sisters.








Phyllis George (far right)

and her husband Bill (far left)

pose with Stephen Euin Cobb (in the back)

And Tera Fulbright (in costume as a Drow.)


(Stephen thought Tera was Storm from the X-Men. The silly goose.)


Phyllis and her husband Bill came to ConCarolinas to catch Stephen in action.





Camera Elf


Elf with a camera




Stephen with Terra Fulbright


Stephen and Tera Fulbright


(Tera is an active fan, costumer and renowned con organizer)





Pod Casting panel


Members of the panel: “How to Podcast”

(audio files distributed

through the internet)


Rich Sigfrit (Host of “Requiem of the Outcast”)

Tee Morris (Fantasy Author) (standing)

Mur Lafferty (Game writer & designer, blogger and pod caster)


[Requiem of the Outcast Website]


[Tee Morris’ Website]


[Mur Lafferty’s website: ”Geek Fu Action Grip”]






Stephen with J9


Janine in LOTR garb with Stephen








“Technology’s Role in SF&F


(left to right)

James C. Bassett (Sculptor and Hard SF author of “Living Real”)

Mike Pederson (publisher/editor/ designer of Nth Degree Magazine)

Stephen Euin Cobb (Hard SF author of “Bones Burnt Black” and “Plague at Redhook”)

David Weber (Bestselling author of far too many SF&F books to mention)


[James C. Bassett’s website]


[Mike Pederson’s website for Nth Degree Magazine]


[David Weber’s new website]






Pirates and Van Helsing


Two pirates and one Van Helsing


James Fulbright,

Bill Mann and Glen Beattie


(Wait a minute, is a one-eyed Bill Mann wild?)





Luke Ski


The Great (and greatly animated) Luke Ski

singing one of his famous SF parodies.


Weird Al Yankovic better watch his back.


[Luke Ski’s website]





Nature of Evil


The “Nature of Evil” panel


Stephen Euin Cobb

Davey Beauchamp

Glenda C. Finkelstein

David Weber


[Davey Beauchamp’s website]


[Glenda Finkelstein’s website]


[David Weber’s new website]







Ron with a highborn noblewoman:

both in LOTR garb





Little Romulan


Janine with the little Romulan





Greg Keyes panel



“Real Life Research for SF&F


(left to right)

Tony Ruggiero (author of SF, Fantasy and Horror)

Greg Keyes (Bestselling SF&F author and ConCarolinas Writer Guest of Honor)

Julianne Goodman (Author of historical fantasy)

Stephen Euin Cobb (author, inventor, artist, game designer, philanthropist)

Glenda C. Finkelstein (SF and Inspirational author)



[Tony Ruggiero’s website]


[Greg Keyes’ website]


[Julianne Goodman’s website]


[Glenda Finkelstein’s website]








Stephen with a decidedly prosperous pirate

(Glen Beattie)





Elf and Jedi


Elf and Jedi




Sand Person


Stephen sneaking up behind one of the sand people.

(Our hero is always asking for trouble.)







Pretending a jealous rage over identical costumes.

A bit of comedic drama for the costume contest.









Peggy Gregory(320)



All these photos were taken by

Stephen’s loyal assistant

and sister:

Peggy Cobb-Gregory.

(Except of course this one, which Stephen took.)










The Future and You (hosted by Stephen Euin Cobb)


 Stephen’s new show

“The Future And You”


Ideas and opinion about the future based on verifiable facts of today.


Guests include:

Authors, Scientists, and other Pioneers of the Future









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