Stephen Euin Cobb 

…was a Guest Author at

Dragon*Con 2003


A huge convention in Atlanta for fans of

science fiction, fantasy, gaming, anime, comics, etc.





Attractive women just naturally gravitate to Stephen.

(or is it the other way around?)

Here he poses with Wonder Woman.





Dragon*Con is famous for the work fans put into their costumes.

Hand tooled leather and genuine theatrical makeup are everywhere.


Here Wolverine poses atop one of his fellow X-men.







Now the secret is out! 

Stormtroopers all wear lace thongs under their armor.








Did you notice her tattoo?







Neither did Stephen.






The outfit Princes Leia was forced to wear

while a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt.






(But look where this princes carries her cigs.)






Three bounty hunters.

Friends and competitors, no doubt, of Boba Fett.






Three cavaliers.

The past, like the future, is alive and well at Dragon*Con.






Stephen’s fortune is bound to be bright,

now that he has three fairy godmothers.






A few gypsies and pirates wandering by.








“Dragon*Con is like one continuous party

with a fifteen-ring circus

swirling around its edges”

.                                                      Stephen Euin Cobb








“These are not the droids we are looking for, dude.”


(Notice Stephen’s assistant and sister

Peggy Sue Cobb-Gregory)










“May Honor guide your words and deeds!

May Glory follow close behind!



(The Klingon on the left is  Cmdr. Keela sutai-Septaric

CO, Dark Star Quadrant, Dark Moon Fleet

Imperial Navy, Klingon Assault Group)



Check out DARK MATTERS, the Dark Star Quadrant’s quarterly newsletter.










Let’s freeze your head!


After the cryonics panel, Lionel Vogt (a cryonics expert)

described to Stephen how damage to the brain

is minimized during freezing.


Stephen sounded like he was ready to sign up.


(Lionel Vogt also builds battle robots

some of which have been in televised competition)










This young mad scientist

is showing machines which accumulate

and run on huge quantities of static electricity.

He built them out of pop cans and two liter bottles.


He also gave Stephen and Peggy a test to measure their psychic abilities.

These abilities proved to be zero.   What a surprise.










Food and friends are always a great combination.



(Clockwise from left)

Peggy Sue Cobb-Gregory,

Stephen Euin Cobb,

Andy Duncan, (Author of the World Fantasy Award-winning book,

Beluthahatchie and Other Stories)

Sydney Duncan (Andy’s wife),

Mark Cobb (reporter for the Tuscaloosa News and a friend of Andy’s)

(no known relation to Stephen),

 Tracy Kremer (a dealer and friend of Stephen).



This little get together preceded one of Andy Duncan’s panels.


Andy Duncan’s website









Standing room only!





…for a writer’s panel on conflict and suspense.


And yes, that’s Andy in the blue shirt.


(Left to right)

Robert Asprin

Andy Duncan

Caitlin R. Kiernan

Ann C. Crispin

Jody Lynn Nye

John Ringo


Andy Duncan’s website


John Ringo’s website




Another shot of the same panel.










During the randomness of the prevailing party atmosphere,

Stephen and Peggy shared their table with two costumed strangers.






Saying goodnight to John Ringo

after spending a couple of hours

with him and the other “Baen Barflies.”*


(*A self-given nickname derived from “Baen’s Bar”—

the large online discussion forum on the Baen Book website.)


The Barflies made a respectable showing.

They required four of the fifty tables in the main atrium.


John Ringo’s website


Baen Books








Saturday was over.

Stephen slept like a stone.


But Sunday was another all-day schedule.




Peggy Sue Cobb-Gregory in Stephen’s hotel room

on the 40th floor of the Westin Inn.

(One block from the convention)








Walking to the convention,

Stephen came across this futuristic looking patrolman.


When asked, he said Atlanta now has eight of these

two-wheeled vehicles for patrolling the downtown area.








Stephen met the legendary Betty Ballantine.


She and her late husband Ian were pioneers in book publishing. 

They popularized SF and fantasy in the 40s, 50s and 60s

and promoted the idea of publishing SF and fantasy in paperback form.



Some people say Ian and Betty Ballantine invented the paperback book,

but this is an overstatement.

They began by importing Penguin paperbacks to the U.S. in 1939,

then did their own paperback books for the U.S. armed services during the war,

then founded Bantam -- the first U.S. paperback house -- in 1945. 

What they DID invent was the SF paperback line, at Ballantine,

starting with "The Space Merchants" in 1953.









Mister Fantastic!


(Stephen thought it was Plastic Man.

The silly goose.)








Stephen’s most important contribution to civilization (so far).

Yes, that’s right.

Peace with the Cylon Raiders.








The “Dealer Room” and the “Walk of Fame”

were in the same huge (several acre) room.


Their pictures here are mixed together.




This is just one isle in the “Walk of Fame”

There were fifteen or more.


That’s Gil Gerard (TV’s Buck Rogers) in the foreground

and David Carradine (Kung Fu) near the center.





Robert Hatch with a friend.





Part of the cast of Farscape.










Stephen pretending to be a dealer.


Were you fooled?

He fooled some people well enough to sell

two books and a wind spinner.


He was giving his friend Tracy Kremer a needed break.

She was working her booth alone and had no relief.





Tracy Kremer showing Stephen some of her good amber.


Not the ordinary stuff she sets out for the foot traffic to glance at.

This amber has insects imbedded inside;

pieces that can sell for a hundred dollars or more.


Stephen collects fossils,

so he was fascinated by this.









Stephen talking with

noted artist Charles Keegan.


Charles has done a number of book covers.

Lithographs of his work are available at his website.









Les Johnson (NASA scientist) just after he’d finished a panel

on the future of spaceflight.


He and Stephen first met at LibertyCon

when they were on a panel together,

along with two other scientists

and the writer Timothy Zahn.








Stephen participated on a panel.


“Gadgets, gizmos and whatzits:

Extrapolating the future of technology from today.”




(Left to right)

John Robinson (a military intelligence officer),

Larry Bond (author of military thrillers),

M.M. Buckner (author of the SF novel HYPERTHOUGHT),

Stephen Euin Cobb (author of Plague at Redhook)


M. M. Buckner’s website




The audience was composed of writers and aspiring writers.




The questions posed were focused intently upon how to write better fiction.

These people were here to learn, and their eagerness was evident.




The panelists were all well qualified to the task of teaching.

And each made the most of their time at the mic.




Afterward the audience carried their enthusiasm right up to the table.




There were more questions.




And, as always, requests for signatures.








After the questions and signings abated

it was time to relax.


No picture was taken of it but…


Stephen went to a restaurant

along with Peggy

and M.M. Buckner (Mary)

and Jack Lyle (Mary’s husband).


Stephen and Mary’s panel had started at 7pm, and it had been a long hectic day.


They ate, talked and--since the restaurant was in the hotel’s main atrium—

watched the river of people stream past;

many of which were in elaborate costume.

M. M. Buckner’s website






After that there were room parties.


Stephen was invited to one given by a conglomeration of con organizers,

as well as one given by the Klingon Assault Group (KAG),

another given by the 501st Stormtroopers,

and of course the Baen party. 









The porter before Stephen tipped him.








One last barbarian woman warrior.











 Stephen’s new show

“The Future And You”


Ideas and opinion about the future based on verifiable facts of today.


Guests include:

Authors, Scientists, and other Pioneers of the Future










Links to Sites:





John Ringo (bestselling author of military SF)


M. M. Buckner (Author of the hard SF novel HYPERTHOUGHT)


Andy Duncan (Author of the World Fantasy Award-winning book, Beluthahatchie and Other Stories)


Julie Cochrane (currently collaborating with John Ringo on a novel called Cally’s War for Baen Books)


Larry Niven (Ok, Ok, he wasn’t at this con.  But hey, he’s Stephen’s hero.)


Baen Books

(Where many more fine authors can be found)









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