Stephen Euin Cobb 

…was a Guest Author at

LibertyCon 2003




Howdy, and come on in.



Look out!  Stephen’s got a really big knife!




Hank Reinhart gave a cool sword demo.

(That’s David Drake in the white shorts & S.M.Stirling in the black shorts)






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Stephen preparing to sign a few books

alongside fantasy author David B. Coe




David Weber,

honored by a little Honor

(Harrington, that is)




Stephen chatting with David Drake




Lady Liberty crowning Uncle Timmy

with an “Uncle Sam” hat.

(John Ringo—LibertyCon’s Special Guest—laughing in the doorway.)







Three professional scientists discuss the future of spaceflight

(specifically, when and if we will ever travel “faster than light”).


Left to right:

Dr. Travis Taylor (DOD launch vehicles and laser weapons),

Dr. Greg Matloff (professional astronomer),

Dr. Les Johnson (NASA scientist at Huntsville AL).








LibertyCon had no less than Nine Guest Authors.

Here they are all gathered in one big semicircle.

(Links to author sites are at the bottom of this page.)





Clockwise (starting to the left of the fan with his back to the camera):

John Ringo (holding a cigar)

David B. Coe

Stephen Euin Cobb

S. M. Stirling (LibertyCon’s Literary Guest of Honor)

David Drake

Karen Zimmerman (David Drake’s webmaster)

Toni Weisskopf Reinhart (head editor at Baen Books)

David Weber

Timothy Zahn

David Creek




Here’s a picture of the far end of the semicircle.

Left to right: Timothy Zahn (in black), 

David Creek,

and Andrew Fox (also in black)




David Drake (off camera to right) has just told a humorous anecdote.

(John Ringo, David B. Coe, Stephen Euin Cobb)




Stephen telling S.M.Stirling a funny story.

(Either that or he’s walking like an Egyptian.)




David Weber speaking with

Toni Weisskopf Reinhart, his editor.




S.M. Stirling penning a few lines so Stephen can analyze his handwriting.




Stephen analyzing S.M.Stirling’s handwriting.




David Drake (off camera again) sharing another story




John Ringo has a few stories of his own




Stephen telling another anecdote




Is S.M.Stirling laughing so hard his head hurts?









Discussion Panel:

“Is there life in the universe?”

The three scientists were joined by two hard SF writers.


The main question on each panelist’s mind seemed to be:

“If intelligent life is out there, why haven’t we detected any evidence of them whatsoever?”


The discussion was amiable but lively, since nearly every panelist had a different theory.




Panelists (left to right):

Dr. Travis Taylor, Dr. Greg Matloff, Dr. Les Johnson,

Timothy Zahn, Stephen Euin Cobb




Les Johnson soliciting questions from the audience




Timothy Zahn emphasizing a point with humor




Travis Taylor making a point










Stephen with Dr. Travis Taylor


Stephen has a yellow ribbon because he’s a guest author.

Travis has both yellow and red. 


Red, because he is a guest scientist;

and yellow because he too is a guest author.


The doctor’s first novel—“Warp Speed” published by Baen Books—will be in bookstores soon.









A writer’s discussion group

formed spontaneously on the patio



Clockwise from left:

Julie Cochrane (now collaborating with John Ringo on Cally’s War for Baen Books),

David Creek,

Patrick A Vanner (an aspiring writer),

Stephen Euin Cobb,

and two more aspiring writers




Stephen is always ready to share what he has learned.




Fielding questions from the floor.




Julie Cochrane shares some of her experience.




David Creek makes (and emphasizes) some important points as well.


(David doesn’t have a novel out at this time,

but many of his short stories have been published in magazines.)









A butterfly-girl fluttered by




Bacchus with a friend




More of Bacchus’ friends

(What’s a Con without togas?)










All these photos were taken by

Stephen’s loyal assistant

and sister:

Peggy Sue Cobb-Gregory.

(Except of course this one, which Stephen took.)











Links to Author Sites:




Timothy Zahn (Star Trek & Star Wars novels, and much more)

(Not his personal website but a very good fan page)


David Drake (author of fifty or more SF novels)


John Ringo (bestselling author of military SF)


David Weber (author of the “Honor Harrington” series, and many other novels)


S. M. Stirling (author of military and alternate history SF)

(His page at Baen Books.  I could not find his personal site.)


David B. Coe (award winning author of fantasy novels)


Andrew Fox (author of the novel: “Fat White Vampire Blues”)


Dr. Travis S. Taylor (Professional Scientist and, soon to be, hard SF author)


Julie Cochrane (currently collaborating with John Ringo on a novel called Cally’s War for Baen Books)


Larry Niven (Ok, Ok, he wasn’t at this con.  But hey, he’s Stephen’s hero.)


Baen Books

(Where many more fine authors can be found)









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