Stephen Euin Cobb 

…was a Guest Author at

LibertyCon 2004



This con was a special one for Stephen.


Larry Niven has been his personal hero for twenty-five years

and this was to be the first time Stephen would meet him, speak with him,

and serve on a panel with him.


Stephen was excited and a little bit nervous.





Stephen had the honor of being gently teased by David Weber

and snickered at by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.













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Generally mild-mannered, Larry Niven told a few stories that had everyone rolling.


(Left to right)

David Weber, Eric Flint, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle










Being “the new guy,” Stephen was

drafted by his fellow panelists to be moderator.


Stephen didn’t mind.

This was his first panel with Larry Niven,

so he was pretty excited.


Besides, Stephen loves to talk almost as much as he loves to write.




(Left to right)

Larry Niven, Sharon Green, Stephen Euin Cobb













Peggy Cobb-Gregory (Stephen’s photographer, assistant and sister)

was scheduled to be on a panel with Mrs. Pournelle and Mrs. Niven,

but her co-panelists were unavoidably delayed.


This being Peggy’s first panel,

Stephen sat in with her so she wouldn’t be alone.

(Hey, what are brother’s for?)





Afterward, Stephen signed a few books.










Jerry Pournelle asking Stephen a few questions about

his most recent novel—Bones Burnt Black.


As a Hard SF writer, Jerry was curious

about the technical accuracy of Stephen’s work.






The hotel provided

LibertyCon with

trash cans shaped like








Eric Flint talking with fans in the “smoking section” of the hotel.

(That’s right, he’s outside.)


Always a laid-back and informal speaker, Eric was wonderfully amiable and forthcoming.

He answered questions, gave writing advice,

and told dozens of anecdotes—all to the delight of his fans.







Stephen sharing a bowl of Chile

in the con suite

with Larry Niven












Most all of these photos were taken by

Stephen’s loyal assistant

and sister:

Peggy Cobb-Gregory.

(Except of course this one, which Stephen took.)










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Eric Flint


Sharon Green


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(Where many more fine authors can be found)










 Stephen’s new show

“The Future And You”


Ideas and opinion about the future based on verifiable facts of today.


Guests include:

Authors, Scientists, and other Pioneers of the Future








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