Stephen Euin Cobb 

…was a Guest Author at

StellarCon  2004




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A Star Wars triumvirate





This Matrix gal has got all the moves.

Trinity had better watch her back.








Despite having invented the game of “Death Stacks”

Stephen is not actually very skilled at it.


Here, he assumes his usual perplexed posture for the game.


Ron McClung (his opponent) is an avid gamer and chairman

of the con com that puts on ConCarolinas

—Charlotte’s own SF&F convention.

(June 4-6 2004)


This year ConCarolinas will host

the 1st annual Death Stacks Tournament.


Trophies and a $250 first prize will be awarded.


(Stephen is not eligible,

which should save him a great deal of embarrassment)


ConCarolinas Website









Stephen and his sister Peggy had lunch with Joan and Fred Saberhagen.


(The waitress was kind enough to shoot this picture.)


All four had grown up in the Chicago area

and so had plenty of anecdotes to exchange.


Stephen was surprised to learn from Joan that

although Fred’s entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

has his first name listed as “Frederick,” that’s not his name.



Fred Saberhagen’s Website








“The Transcendent Vampire”


(How and why did vampires change

from being evil monsters to playing the heroes.)




Stephen had the honor of

participating on this panel with Fred Saberhagen.




The audience kept them both on their toes.


Fred Saberhagen has written many novels concerning vampires (his Dracula series).


Stephen Euin Cobb only writes Hard SF, but he’s pretty sure he saw

the old black and white movie “Dracula” when he was a kid.

(Just kidding.  He’s certain of it.)







The Godzilla Panel


Glenda C. Finkelstein

Stephen Euin Cobb

Stephen Mark Rainey



Stephen Mark Rainey proved himself to be a vast storehouse of information on all things Godzilla.

He has seen all the movies several times—in both English and Japanese (I’m not kidding).

He knows actor names, director names and the order in which the movies were released.


Stephen Euin Cobb had seen some of them when he was a teenager.


Sensing he was out-gunned, our hero concentrated on providing brilliantly probing questions for

his fellow panelist, while hoping that Glenda would mimic his clever (if desperate) plan.

She did.  So they all came out looking good.


(Glenda writes SF with a spiritual-inspirational slant)


Glenda C. Finkelsein’s Website







Stephen had a chance to talk with the world-renowned artist Rowena.


Rowena’s Website





Stephen relaxing in the con suite with Tera Fulbright (redhead).

Tera was in charge of the con’s guests and did an excellent job.


But the unsung heroes of StellarCon are

the staff of the con suite.

The food was plentiful and excellent.


When Stephen mentioned to Bill Mann that

the food was as good as that at Dragon*Con,

Bill laughed and said,

Regina Kirby, our Con Suite Director, is
the Director is charge of the VIP Suite at Dragon*Con.“








Stephen also had a chance to talk with Marilynn Byerly.

Marilynn writes SF&F romance novels.


She shared with Stephen

some choice bits of news

from inside a few of the

major New York publishing houses.





Stephen signing books in the dealer room

alongside James Maxey

(author of Nobody Gets the Girl)


Glenda C. Finkelstein stopped by to chat.





Stephen hanging out with

Fred Saberhagen between panels.





Stephen with the cast and crew of

the web radio show

Requiem of the Outcast

(Ron and Janine, and host Rich Sigfrit)


These people are crazy-funny.

They can’t even say ‘Hello’ without it turning into a three-ring standup routine.


When they asked to interview

Stephen on their show

he told them he would only do

the show, “If you promise not to make fun of me.”

When all their faces fell, he added “…much,”

and they brightened again.



Website for “Requiem of the Outcast”








The Panel

“The Nature of Evil”


(James Maxey, Paula S. Jordan, Stephen Euin Cobb,

Fred Saberhagen, Stephen Mark Rainey, Allen Wold)


Paula is a NASA orbital technician.


Allen Wold has written novels as well as non-fiction.








The Panel

“I am Fred Saberhagen”


Michael Stackpole did an excellent job moderating this panel. 

He interviewed Fred as well as any talk show host could have.








The Costume Contest


(All the contestants on stage together)





Bill Mann (head of StellarCon’s con com)

discovers he has something in common with Dr. Evil

…his own Mini-Me.









Stephen analyzes the handwriting of Michael Stackpole.


Michael was skeptical. 

He suggested an experiment:

“Next time, tell the person exactly the opposite

of what you see in their handwriting

and see if they accept it or reject it.”


Stephen agreed to the experiment

but has not yet set a time or place.









Another book signing in the dealer’s room.


(Allen Wold, Glenda C. Finkelstein, Elizabeth Massie)



Elizabeth Massie’s Website









All these photos were taken by

Stephen’s loyal assistant

and sister:

Peggy Sue Cobb-Gregory.

(Except of course this one, which Stephen took.)










Websites mentioned on this page:




StellarCon Website


Fred Saberhagen’s Website


ConCarolinas Website


Glenda C. Finkelstein’s Website


Rowena’s Website


Website for “Requiem of the Outcast”


Elizabeth Massie’s Website









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